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Accept all cookies. Do it, do it now!

It has been a good ten years or so when all of a sudden, we had to consent to accepting cookies on every single website we visited.

No, this is not another Oreo post… I promise.

It’s all about security and consent but gone are the days where that little box won’t show up.

2021, guys…. 2021.

Find out about the cookie law here:

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Oreos are overrated

Oreos, the most overused biscuit in the history of humanity with the most lacklustre flavour of any food ever. (Or ‘cookie’ if you are… you know..)

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That was until I bought an entire box of them and realised how harsh I have been to them over the years.

There is a place for you in this world I guess. Even if it is mostly reserved for the double choc variant.




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Currently re-watching this series and thought I would pay homage to Agumon. This show was a huge part of my childhood so it is only right to start off with this. I think I might do some more #Digimon in the future. Some challenge or something?


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Blessed are we

Yesterday, I saw comments on a Facebook post of people genuinely struggling during this pandemic.

Some comments were silent cries for help and others were desperate pleas for them to return to their motherland.

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Writing dies out… only if reading does first.

In a totally media-intensive world, words that are typed are merely secondary to images and videos that they accompany.

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When you wake up

In times where the world is a little confusing at the moment, the next time you wake up… take a moment and do not reach out for your phone. Be in complete control. Enjoy this true alone time.

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