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Blog 1 – My Bizarre Experience (Part 1)

English: A Led Traffic lights
Traffic Lights

OK, so before i get into any humour, controversy or anything else, let me share my experience with you.. its not a story which will frighten you, but its worth a read as it is 100%  accurate and true.

It all happened about 3 years ago on the way back home from college… it was a very mild autumn/winter day and it was not very bright outside, for some reason or another, i had finished a little late from college and was taking my usual route home, which by the way had very little people actually walking that way on a daily basis(Now what i mean is, not little people as in midgets, but more of a numerical analogy. glad that’s cleared up). that particular day, there were even less people walking down that main road maybe 1 or 2 on each side, though i cant remember exactly, i know it was really really peaceful, quiet but also quite eerie. so i put my headphones in like normal and set off on my journey.

After about 10/15 minutes walk down the main road (yes, i was a really slow walker when i had my music on), i approached the final set of traffic lights which were still about 100 meters away.  i saw a group of students(maybe 3/4 of them)which were crossing the road at the Red Light coming from the opposite side of the road towards the left hand side (They’re not relevant to the story, but im trying to add as much detail in as possible). The cars had stopped on the road so i thought that i might aswell cross the road even though im not yet at the traffic light.(still about 50-100 meters away)

I crossed the road (successfully, might i add) and made it to the right hand side. Now, i was approaching a curve to the right in the pathway as it bent around a roundabout (still about a few minutes walk away).  Everything was normal up until that point, as i drew closer towards the curve in the pavement and a woman dressed in a long beige coat approached, clutching her red handbag as she came towards me with her eyes noticeably looking at a particular point ahead of her on the floor…….

Right that’s the end of Part 1, so stay tuned for Part 2 of My Bizarre Experience which will be published, later this week.

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