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Blog 2 – My Bizzare Experience Part 2 – The (not so) Epic Conclusion


(Representation of the Road)

Note: This is a true story


With  her eyes fixated on the floor, it gave me a sense of curiosity… From where i was at the time, it looked like a white piece of paper…and from that moment on, MY eyes were fixated on the item.

As she walked passed the “item”, she looked back to where she had been staring all this time, and had a look of discomfort on her face, the type you REALLY DON’T want to see. it was a mix between anxiety and shock…either  that, or she had let out a massive fart. She just stopped whatever she was doing and reluctantly walked on…We passed each other but there was a sense of worry present…

As I walked up to the item on the floor, I realised it was a £5 note. But it was folded in origami fashion into a flat shape of some sort…very distinctive and unique, sort of like a paper boat you would make in primary school, but pointed at the bottom. So naturally i walked past it without a second thought.

But then it occurred to me, somebody else would take it anyway, so I might aswell put it in charity…

I immediately stopped, turned around to pick it up and…- HANG ON ONE COTTON PICKING MOMENT…….IT WASN’T THERE!…..What the hell?! WAS I HALLUCINATING?! There was no wind at all, No-one to pick it up, not a soul in sigh…..-  WAIT. WHAT?

WHAT THE *Expletive* !!! 



She had gone…

But where’d she disappear off to in the space of 5 seconds?!?! She WAS there a second ago, I had JUST walked past her. I’m certain of it!!! Was i just really high?!,  Did my eyes deceive me??


Both of them were no where to be seen, AT ALL

I felt as if the world was at a stand still, my heart racing at the events that had just transpired, ’twas a long road, but they had gone indefinitely. So the first thing i did was take out my headphones and speed-walked the remainder of the journey, looking around my shoulder at every possible moment, hoping and praying that I wouldn’t see her again…….

But i couldn’t help but ponder…What if the woman turned around to pick up the £5 note aswell…. but COULDN’T as the same thing happened to her???? What if it had ‘disappeared’ for her too??? In fact when I turned around, I had that same anxious look on my face, almost identical to the facial expression she made, when she looked back….WOAH.

I’m not one to believe in all these stories i hear about surreal happenings, in fact I’m still reasoning with myself, till this date, that there is a perfectly rational explanation for what had happened that day. Lets put it this way, I never took that route home again….

SO, that’s the end of My Bizarre Experience Part 2  – The (not so) Epic Conclusion, which was the sequel to Part 1(well done, captain obvious)… Please do leave a comment below, and let me know if you have had any notable and bizarre experiences, in the comment section below.

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