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Blog 3 – Hash Tagging on Facebook


*Read the following post in Morgan Freeman’s voice, for maximum effect*

If there’s one thing in this world that annoys the hell outta me, its hash tagging on Facebook. (#, not the drug)

Firstly it’s perfectly understandable if one would hash tag anywhere other than Twitter, because lets face it, other websites do have the capabilities to link posts based on hashtags… as far as i know, Facebook does not have this capability at the moment, so why do it???

will it make you look cool? are you trying to ‘fit in’? Or do you not understand the mere concept of hash tagging?

it strikes a nerve with me because its the same attention craving lot who do this…but that’s fine, its YOUR Facebook account, what do i care, keep hash-tagging and look like a fool.

Just as that has sunk in, these posts actually get Likes. Props to them for brainwashing the masses though, I need to take life lessons off y’all. Fair play to those who are genuinely unaware of these issues, but for those that actually comprehend, and continue to do so… that’s just sheer ignorance and most of all, pointless.


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3 thoughts on “Blog 3 – Hash Tagging on Facebook”

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