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Blog 4 – My Thoughts on Euthanasia


The more serious topic of euthanasia eh?…where do we start….

It’s a touchy topic, but here’s my two pence(or Cents)

Note: i’m trying my best NOT to make this into an essay style article

  • Euthanasia, also called “mercy killing” is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or an irreversible coma.

Should individuals have the final say WHEN they die, If they are in extreme cases of suffering? In some countries, it’s actually legal…it’s fair to say that indeed it does ‘put them out of their misery’, because by living longer, they’re only going to be suffering more….

But since humans have free will and all, surely an individual is the best judge of his/her actions and is only justifiable to none other, than themselves. This is an act of putting one in control and giving them the final say. it’s a matter of choice. Their life, Their choice.

But are humans just really trying to take the role of god into their own hands? Hm

It has been proposed many times that, if legalized, euthanasia would be controlled and monitored by government intervention, thus ensuring legitimacy. I mean, who better to ensure LEGITIMACY than the state?! *Scoffs*

But we do have to acknowledge both sides of the story. Euthanasia is pretty much just a posh word for “Assisted Suicide” and therefore, the “assisted” part of this makes everything oh-so complicated. Some even say it’s the same as murder…but if it’s the individual’s choice, then who are others to refuse them of that right?

Professionals in licensed Euthanasia clinics have commented on the procedure, saying that patients die a ‘painless death’, when performed correctly.

But it’s not like the deceased have lived to tell the story otherwise, eh? For all we know, it could be the one of the most painful ways to die…

it’s a possibility…

I do not have a massive opinion on Euthanasia itself, but i’m generally against the basic idea of it, and yes, i do understand that sometimes it may be a necessary evil. E.g. being brain-dead  or being in an irrecoverable coma.

BUT, miracles DO happen, whose to say that they wont recover? Doctors? Yeah, they also told us El Magrahi wouldn’t live more than 3 months, Psht, more like 3 years…




Note: Next Friday will mark the release of Chapter 1(currently in the editing process) of my new mini story-book, called The Kidnapping. Hopefully a new chapter should be released every week or so, if the writing schedule goes to plan! (Lots of revision to do aswell)

If you want me to write an article on a particular topic, do let me know, and i’ll be happy to do so.


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