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Blog 5 – My Thoughts on Wrestlemania 29


Lets get right to this, I am going to run you guys through each of the matches VERY briefly to let you know what i thought of “The Granddaddy of them all”.

Here Goes…

Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton Vs The Shield

I ain’t going to lie, this match wasn’t half bad, was nice and short, it put The Shield over. Great RKO’s from Orton. Job done. Although it’s a shame Orton didn’t turn heel in the end, it was still watchable.

Mark Henry Vs Ryback

Alright match really, quite sluggish if i’m truly honest. I thought Ryback would be put over by Henry, but i was wrong. Henry Won. I like it… It’s the right decision as Henry is approaching his final run with WWE, and will dominate Smackdown this year. great great booking. Ryback stood tall after the match making both look as tough as each other. Win-Win Situation.

Dolph Ziggler and big E Langston Vs Team Hell No

First time we saw Big E in action, he was alright, matched up well against Kane. Two behemoths. Bryan Vs Ziggler was a dream match of technicality. I Liked the way the match started, liked the way it ended. Correct booking once again.

Fandango Vs Chris Jericho

Fandango’s moveset reminds me of JoMo’s. Y2j put over Fandango in what was a typical, predictable match. Y2j just boosted Johnny Curtis’ career that’s for sure, props to him.

Jack Swagger Vs Alberto Del Rio

The Crowd wasn’t invested heavily in this match. Booked to be the “feel good” match for the live crowd, good beats evil and blah blah. Ziggler didn’t even attempt to cash in. Wtf. decent match even though it was quite prolonged. Thwagger Thould’ve Won imo.

Cm Punk Vs The Undertaker

I really liked this match, quite predictable for me, but these two guys put on a great match. The Last Ride attempt got the crowd going and the end of the match was brilliant.

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H

Triple H was always going to win, veeeeeeeery obvious. But it’s cool. Re build Lesnar as unstoppable for the next two years, we’ll get over it. The match was quite good if i’m honest. questionable booking, but the obvious outcome, nevertheless.

John Cena Vs The Rock

I’m a die hard Rocky fan but this also was very predictable. Rock passed the Torch to the next generation, still came out looking strong. mutual respect between the two.  Very good match indeed, pace was quite slow to start off with but it was good we saw many finishers in the match. Cena won. He deserved it, after being there day in day out and what not. the match should’ve had a stipulation. Iron Man Match anyone?

Overall, Pre Show with Miz winning was decent and team rhodes scholars din’t even compete, in the end!

Generally it was a lazy build up to WM29, had some mediocre matches and some that exceeded expectations, just as you would expect from a PPV. I don’t think it lived up to the hype to be honest, being “The Granddaddy of them all” and all that Bs.

My Rating:

7/10  to be generous.

Till next year, folks!




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