'My Thoughts' on Certain Topics

Blog 6 – My Thoughts on ‘My Thoughts’

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As confusing as the heading is, i’m sure you’ve gathered by now, that my blog is starting to form a structure. Naturally, i’m trying to post as frequently as possible, blogging my thoughts on topics, blogging my past experiences, general rants, And i’m even releasing an ebook this Friday, as a creative exercise for myself, all alongside fitting in my day to day busy lifestyle…(not)

Now, this structure I mentioned, comes in the form of my new categories.. These are helping me arrange my blog posts into different sections. But a particular category I have thoroughly enjoyed writing in so far, is the ‘My Thoughts on Certain Topics’ category(which you can access from the left hand side of my website, under the Calendar).

So… Here are my thoughts, on ‘My Thoughts’…….

The great thing about writing, is the fact that you have no interruptions. From people. That’s right, you heard it here first, pals. No interruptions. This gives me the freedom to say(or write, rather), whatever the hell I want. Well not exactly anything, but you get the gist…right? No? What a shame….

I can continue writing, and I don’t have to explain anything, keep repeating myself or I don’t have anyone physically disputing my views. It’s brilliant. Silence is golden. It’s MY time. MY thoughts. MY views. End of.

I’m not saying any of that isn’t possible in the forms of commenting, or otherwise…It’s just a simple fact, a great blessing and a little pleasure that writers soak in, every single second of.

No matter how good J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ novels are, she wouldn’t have been able to talk her ideas through, to her friends, if she had just came up with the idea. they would’ve classed her as insane! She’s a very talented author, wrote them pretty well(AMAZINGLY WELL) and i’m confident that there was no one, breathing down her neck, scrutinizing EVERY single thought she put to paper. Yeah, I know i’m exaggerating about J.K. Rowling, there would’ve been her editors, and publishers, and whatnots scrutinizing her work before they pushed the novels to the moon…What I’m getting at, is that is the beauty of putting pen to paper…. or in today’s world… fingers to keyboards? or something??

There are no trolls whatsoever while i’m writing this, apart from one….*Cue the Eastenders Duff Duff theme song*

That troll, is scrutinizing every single thought i make, every single word I write, is constantly breathing down my neck to check if i’m making sense or not and making sure I spell scrutinize, with a ‘Z’ and not an ‘S’.

Damn you, Spell Check! I hate you, and your red squiggly lines! But where would we be without you?

V wud all b lyk dis. (Another SLIGHT exaggeration)


Anyway, back to the subject, I am going to continue writing ‘My Thoughts’ on as many different topics as possible, week in, week out. That’s right Facebook and Twitter, prepare for the spamming of a lifetime!

I just noticed, that sounds pretty creepy.


I have had a few readers send in requests to write about certain topics, and I do appreciate it. As long as I know enough about the topic to write an article based on it, I’ll almost certainly do it. Thanks for all your input, and especially to the loyal and returning readers.

I’m well into my third week of blogging, and nearing 600 hits, which I am thankful for. Remember, if you enjoyed this, or any article, rate and share it!    It honestly helps….A LOT

Remember, YOUR view, counts. I’ll add a little poll at the end of this post, Where you can suggest to me what to write. I’ll try my best to adhere to your suggestions…

I blog about once or twice a week, the publishing days being Friday, and another day earlier in the week.

This Friday, chapter 1 of The Kidnapping ebook is being published at 1pm GMT, I hope you guys enjoy it as it marks the birth of my new ‘project’.




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