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Blog 8 – A Wild Snorlax Appears!



Right, for all those that clicked this Blog, thinking that it was about Pokemon, look away now. It’s anything but. It’s actually the most casual blog post you’ll ever see from myself. One about procrastination…

I had planned on doing many things this week, some of them being to:-

  • Clean my room
  • Read up on numerous topics for revision(Government and Politics)
  • Fit in my social life at the same time (which by the way, has deteriorated dramatically this year)

I don’t mind revising, but my opinion on Politics has totally changed in the 2 years that I’ve studied it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t regret it at the time. In fact, for an entire academic year I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT. Wow. I was motivated, I got superb grades and all was well. until the 2nd year came around and it knocked me down, I got back up and it knocked me down, knocked me down.

Yes, that was a song reference, Keri Hilson anyone?

So, I’ve tried to revise, I have done a little bit if I’m honest, but there’s always a distraction. Or two. Or Three. I get distracted way too easily.  Maybe I should lock myself in my room hiding all my gadgets away, with nothing but a pen, paper and relevant documentation. Nah.

This whole week has been taken up by going to parties and events, which is all absolutely fine…. but not when you have exams coming up as it serves up as a distraction. Therefore, I can load up the ammo in my gun and shoot(The distractions being my ammo, and procrastination being my gun). Lock and Load, baby!

It’s not only such parties and events. it’s everything else too. I get distracted by the silliest of things (Hence the title of this blog, referencing how I find ways for my path to get blocked, causing me to change direction and pursue other things in life) and reason with myself that, ‘today just isn’t the day’. So I put it off, and the same sequence happens for the next few weeks. I’m at this stage where I’ve coincidentally started blogging, mere months before my exams. I don’t spend huge amounts of my day writing, but It does still serve as a distraction, nevertheless.

Not to worry though, one day I’ll face that crooked Snorlax, and I’ll use the PokeFlute(or something) and it’ll wake, and I shall go forth. But until that day comes I shall procrastinate like the average teenager that I am.

(For those of you who don’t know what a Snorlax is, it is an extremely large Pokemon, and in typical GameBoy Advance games, it would block the pathway to the next city and you had to travel through an alternative route to retrieve a flute or a device, which supposedly woke up this large behemoth, in order for you to bypass it)




2 thoughts on “Blog 8 – A Wild Snorlax Appears!”

  1. Hey, thanks for the pingback, glad to see someone else is as totally awesome at the art of procrastination as me lol 😉


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