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Blog 10 – Five Reasons I’ve Stopped Watching Smackdown

English: WWE Smackdown Hi-Definition Stage

Here’s a very short post for you guys as to why I have stopped watching Smackdown.

Note: I actually was a huge fan of the Smackdown brand as opposed to the Raw brand for some reason, but here’s why it all changed.

  1. Spoilers – One of the biggest reasons i don’t watch SD anymore, is due to it not being live. Reading spoilers is not something I do anymore(especially for SD) but the shock factor is removed. If anything notable had happened Tuesday night, It would be reported on the Dirt-Sheets.
  2. End of Brand Split – I was a huge fan of having two separate entities under on company and all that came with it, e.g. the draft picks, the brand wars, and that each roster could commit to a world and mid-card title.
  3. Three hours of Raw – As much as a fan I am, I simply do not have the time anymore… too busy twiddling my thumbs. Too much of something is overkill.
  4. Feuds – When was the last time we saw a ‘What happens on SD, stays on SD’ feud? Yeah, thought so.. but then again i wouldn’t know because I don’t watch it anymore
  5. B-Show – I only want to see the best of what a company has to offer, not the second best. The fact that it is treated like a second class citizen, for me, means that it has lost that sentiment and value

Those are my reasons… I’m not saying Smackdown is not watchable anymore, but rather feel it is just there for the sake of the live crowd and income purposes. Much like a filler show.



Also a quick note: I have changed my blogging days to one/two posts in the weekdays and one in the weekend. Friday wasn’t working very well for me in terms of traffic!


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