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Blog 11 – The Kidnapping (Chapter 3)

Have Mercy!


“Piedro, glad you could join us” said Drew confidently. The falsely tanned Mexican man tilted his head to one side, pulling out his very own hand pistol while stroking it sensually. It was almost as if he loved it more than anything else in the world, like he had known it all his life. The pistol had etchings on the side, which read “Kindness”. He brushed passed both men without a word spoken walking with authority as if he owned the two of them, advancing towards the bunk where he knelt down making a half-smile. “Got him. We finally got him.” chuckled Piedro, wiping away the excess perspiration around his thin mustache, breathing heavily in anger.

Jason had gradually come back to his senses at that moment and had figured out exactly what was happening. He was gasping for air at a time where even the most normal of lungs would’ve been suffocated. His life was in the hands of these men. He knew he didn’t stand a chance to get away and there was no way he could fight his way through three armed men. There was no chance of escape and worst of all, he had no idea where he was.

All of a sudden, Jason’s severely blood-shot eyes opened wide. He realised that he had seen Piedro before. This wasn’t just any kidnapping. This was THE KidnappingHe started shaking with anxiety as he knew that he had to act fast or these men would kill him. There were no two ways about it. This was it. The last few breaths of a troublesome life. He cuddled up into the corner of the bunk bed against the wall, hoping and praying that he could get away from reality.

He had so many dreams he had yet to chase, so many places yet to see, so many responsibilities to take care of. His life had just began, after finally leaving his parents house at the age of thirty to spend the rest of his life with his one and only daughter. The one person he protected with his life, the one person that made life worth living for him. He had to keep the promise that was made by himself on his wife’s death-bed to protect and care for her for as long as he lived.

“What you lookin’ at?” asked Piedro, clenching his teeth while yanking the duct tape off Jason’s dried lips.

“It…It wasn’t me, I…I swear” pleaded Jason.

Jason already knew why he was there, it was for something that he supposedly had done. Something that had got him in this position at the present moment, something which he denied, either out of fear, or because it was the truth.

“Don’t give me that bullshit! Just you wait, I’m gonna blow your brains out. But first, you’re gonna pay…Oh and so is your daughter. In fact I’m gonna go collect her right now because Uncle Piedro has a surprise for her.” Said Piedro in the most sadistic voice.

“No, No, No! Kill me right now but don’t get her involved! Don’t bring Holly into this. I beg you, she’s just six years old…Please, have mercy on her. She’s just a child!” pleaded Jason, clinging on to Piedro’s leg.

Piedro clamped his long finger-nails into Jason’s neck before grabbing his sweater up by the collar and throwing him against the wall. He pointed his gun towards Jason, and pulled the trigger.


Arthur flinched, letting out an uncontrollable feminine scream. This had caught the attention of Piedro who glanced at Arthur with displeasure and disgust, while re-focusing on Jason.

There was no blood-shed, but rather a hole in the rotting wall just beside the weak man. Piedro had deliberately shot the wall instead of Jason. “This is going to be exciting, isn’t it lads?” Scoffed Piedro without a hint of remorse in his voice.

Jason closed his eyes, knowing that the pain of the gunshot would’ve been significantly less than the events that were about to unfold.

“Should o’ killed him and got it over and done with. Then we could’ve gotten the hell outta here.” insisted Drew.

“Nah, nah, nah. It doesn’t work like that. We’re gonna teach him a lesson we’re gonna teach them ALL a lesson. Ain’t nobody gonna grass my family up. NOBODY.” said Piedro throwing his top hat on the floor, violently while shoving his index finger deep into Drew’s chest.

Piedro advanced towards the doorway, with his footsteps being the only noise present, along with the usual morning tweeting of the nearby birds. He then turned around for one last time. “I’ll be back with the girl. Keep the son of a bitch alive enough to pull a trigger, boys…’cause he is gonna kill his beloved daughter…” said Piedro.

“With Kindness” he added.


End of Chapter 3

Stay tuned for the next chapter, releasing soon!



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