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Blog 12 – My Thoughts on the Influence of Media

Breaking long

There are many different forms of media around us…chances are, you have probably clicked this article through a form of social media too.

However, what I shall focus on in this article is the issue of media itself and it’s impact on the general public. It’s not the positives and negatives, just my insight…

I’m presuming that The EssWhyDee Blog has an older demographic – If you are under the age of 20, please navigate away from this page now. Oh shit. That doesn’t include myself by the way. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write the rest of this blog post and whatnot.

Only kidding, you’re all welcome to read it.

Basic things that we all know about the media:

Actually, you guys can Google that yourselves, or Bing it, or even Yahoo! It. Wait, do people even use anything other than Google nowadays? Hmm interesting blog topic for the future I think…

I like the media, and that we in Britain (don’t know about anywhere else) have free choice when it comes to what we want to watch, what we want to listen to, what we want to read and of course how we react to it.

  • We can watch BBC News, RT News, CNN, Sky News, etc
  • We can read The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror etc
  • We can listen to Different radio stations

Although I’m fond of the freedom that we share, I do believe that there are blatant biases…

In a way it’s better that these biases are laid out quite obviously as it gives us, the general public, better understanding of what we are viewing, thus helping us to CHOOSE what we want to view more effectively and according to our own beliefs.

I’ll give you an example. Apparently The Sun newspaper swayed the UK general election by around 30% in 2010. Now that is a HUGE amount to sway an election by  for anybody’s standards. Is it good that these huge companies have that much power over us?

A lot of us wouldn’t think they had that much impact. (Don’t cite me on the % by the way, I’ll try to find a source)

But in the end, we are allowing to be dictated by what others think and are led on by what we are “supposed” to believe.

Only if everyone just thought for a moment for themselves, invested a little of their precious time into educating themselves with facts rather than jumping guns and assuming everything they read/watch is 100% correct.

One last example before I go.

In the conservative manifesto for 2010 it clearly stated that they were going to cut the deficit by lowering government spending. This all sounded great at the time with the state of the economy. But when they started allowing for student fees to be un-capped and started to cut government spending, a lot of the British public were infuriated at how benefits were being reduced and so on.

The fact of the matter is that it is important to have knowledge on issues that are presented to us via different forms of media

Remember, A lot of those who complained and bickered actually voted for this to happen….

Where’s the sense in that? (Dido song reference)

But in the end, It doesn’t even matter (Linkin’ Park song reference)

It’s your own decisions and your own viewpoints that matter…

Remember We ALWAYS have a choice. Free Your Mind.



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4 thoughts on “Blog 12 – My Thoughts on the Influence of Media”

  1. This is cool man. Nice post! You should read more deeply into media ownership in the UK and globally. You will be shocked at what you find. The number of media conglomerate owners who control the majority of output in all formats for most of the western world is one you can count with your fingers. Their often racist, ill-informed and outdated views are the driving force behind most of the content forced down our throat on a daily basis.

    I wrote my uni thesis on media ownership and it’s effect on plurality so I’m more passionate about the subject than most but everyone should look into this closer! It’s not a dark insidious secret. It’s free information that people just don’t care to know. If you understand that most news you read or see is basically hand picked hearsay to supplement the agendas of a very select few, it makes you take everything with a pinch of salt, which is the way it should be.


    1. hmm, i agree! there are many branches but of the same tree, that could give us “choice” but still no real choice in a way,if that makes sense!
      Absolutely, everyone should be aware of these issues and should have a mind of their own..true say…
      another food for thought is, i checked RT news and CNN at the exact same time(was going to add in screenshots but didn’t) and they had completely different “Breaking” new. Some of the homepage wasn’t even featured on the other and vice versa. Even news that included many many deaths or far more important issues but there we have it..u said it! It most certainly is Hand Picked.
      Thanks For your Input!!!


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