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Blog 14 – My Thoughts on Google Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

So….”The Next Big Thing” is Google Glass eh?

This is great news for Tech nerds like myself, it’s almost as if we are finally living in the ‘future’ that we dreamed about as kids…This is a product that differs from anything else currently on the market so props to Google for being innovative.

I like the concept of this, it brings about a major change in the way we live our lives, some may even consider it revolutionary. Indeed it is.

It may have very cool features, all fancy tech built in and so forth, but is it really something that was needed?

I for one haven’t been convinced enough that this product is the way forward.

It seems a  bit comical if you ask me. Growing up watching DragonBall Z, it sort of reminds me of a scouter, you know the ones that the characters would wear to scout, or something.Vegeta's first appearance in the anime depicte...

In my opinion, it seems like a headache to have all that added weight on your face. If you’ve managed to avoid having glasses your entire life, believe me you are better off without the hassle. Trust me!

Sure the Google Glass would look ‘cool’ in a sense…not many people have them, they are pretty new and quite expensive…

It also is a bit pricey for a piece of kit that can pretty much do a bit less than what my smartphone can do.

Google Glass is a great ‘concept’ , but maybe it should’ve remained a concept and as a race, we should’ve focused on more important things.

I’m not knocking Google for actually making the Google Glass, in fact, it is inspirational that Google as a company, are helping to revolutionise the world of technology.

Would you wear this hideous looking thing in public?

For the sake of technological advancement in today’s world, I shall leave you with the infamous quote;

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Someone from a staged moon-landing




Note: The Kidnapping (Chapter 4) is due to be published next weekend as I am extremely busy at the moment!

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9 thoughts on “Blog 14 – My Thoughts on Google Glass”

  1. Personally, I don’t find Google Glass to be “hideous-looking” at all. I like the concept, but I doubt I’d enjoy wearing it after the first day. I don’t need to be THAT connected to information. I’m connected enough as it is. And I’d be more worried about eyestrain.


    1. I think it does! Well the first ones ive seen anyway…i like the concept too, in fact those that are attached to proper prescription glasses look really good I must admit…yes, the eye strain would be an issue…that and whether it would be legal to drive with..? Surely if you’re focusing on something else, it can be considered unsafe…but that’s debatable also!
      Thanks for the comment!


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