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Blog 16 – Opinions

Discussing new wheat variety for Ecuador
“This is rubbish!” –ย “But I don’t think so”

Opinions are formed around us on a constant basis. Everyone has them. Some of them are stupid and uneducated whilst others are valid and helpful.

It is a key part of life…we form opinions in our minds to decide on what we believe, whether we vocalise them or not.

You can have opinions on people, certain issues such as current events or even on a product and whether you like it or not. It creates love, hate, peace, war, conflict etc

But there is something about your POV that differs from anything else.

It’s YOURS…Therefore, it matters. Regardless of facts/figures or the what anybody else thinks, you will still hold a connection with your opinion because it defines your character.

Depending on the issue or your nature, you may either have;

  • Firm opinions which no-one can change (a tad stubborn)
  • Easily swayed opinions that can be changed in an instant (a pushover)
  • Balanced opinions where you hold educated views but are willing to listen to other people and what they think too in order to improve your own.

There’s almost no ‘wrong’ view on anything…and you can’t argue with somebody’s opinion because that is what THEY believe, you don’t have the right to dictate what they should think.

That itself is beautiful.

Sure, others may have a different viewpoint to yourself and may wish to dissent, but the fact remains that you are still entitled to believe what you want, no one can change that…not now, not ever.

Of course you shouldn’t bite the head off o’ someone who disagrees with you, because just like you, they are also human. It would be sheer ignorance and quite foolish not to listen to it and take it in. It may even help you to form an even better opinion on the matter.

One thing that irritates me, however, is when individuals express views on what YOU do…

Sure, they’re entitled to it but just remember, it’s YOUR life.

You can do whatever the hell you want. So at that moment, if you sense negativity upon yourself.. I hereby give you permission to tell them to stuff their viewpoints back where they came from.

That’s my opinion anyway.




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