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The Importance Of a Good Title

My first ever guest blog…Check it out!

Blogging Insights and Motivations

We’re starting a new tradition every week that gives bloggers a shot at guest blogging here at VizziBlog. Each post in this series will give a blogger a chance to give their favorite tip on how to stand out from the herd. Here’s our first installment from Syd of the Ess Why Dee blog. If you want to be our guest blogger for next week Tweet us, DM us, or comment on this post!

Hi all, I’m Syd

I’m going to focus on the importance of a good heading/title.

Since I’m the first to guest blog on VizziBlog, I figured I should start right at the top.


So… What makes a good header?

Nothing really ‘defines’ what a good header is, it’s what YOU make it.

But, what kind of header attracts new readers?

Less people want to read a blog post called “A Day At the Park” in…

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