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Blog 18 – Respect


First of all, I know I’ve not blogged for a week or so. This is because I have been too busy. Expect lots of posts on The EssWhyDee Blog after my last exam(which is the 10th of this month).

So….Respect eh?

Some show it publicly, others don’t.

I may not always show it but I give out a lot of respect to people around me, you don’t have to do much to gain it, I’ll appreciate little things and…BAM! Brownie points for you!

But hang on a sec, should we be dishing out respect to everyone around us?

Not everyone deserves it to be honest.

If you saw a stranger on the bus(or anywhere else for that matter) and they were quite elderly…for the sake of courtesy you may give your seat up. Fair enough, that’s a decent thing  to do, consider it your ‘good deed’ of the day.

Give yourself a pat on the back…

Actually, DON’T.

What if that person you gave your seat up for is a deranged human being that physically abused their children on a regular basis, raped multiple women and murdered a couple of people back in their hay-day?

Does this person deserve your respect, your courtesy, etc?

I understand the example about the elderly person may be highly unlikely in a sense…but there is a slight possibility that part of it can be true. Sure, we all have our own demons…but who is here to argue with the written word?

I’m not saying don’t give your seat up, I’m just making you think like a pessimist.

No ones perfect‘ – blah blah. I really don’t care about that. I guess we can all be classified as ‘sinners’ and so on but I’m talking about respect here…

I don’t expect it off anyone really, but the mutual respect that two people have for each other is something else… and from personal experience, sharing that with someone is on par with having the highest bonds of friendship with them.

This may sound like dribble but I am writing this at 2:27am after a loooong week.

I Personally;

  • Feel that there’s a sense of obligation for me to respect my elders(It’s the way I was brought up).
  • Am quite tough with people my age/my peers – They equally need to show me respect as I would to them. It may sound childish, but that’s the way I work. There is no point holding someone in high regard if they don’t bat an eyelid back at you. It’s a cruel world and you need to ‘fend for yourself.
  • Give those younger than me, a different type of respect altogether. I fully appreciate that they may not be fully matured as a person and have not shared similar experiences to me, so they get the ‘living organism’ form of respect, because as they say…WE ARE ALL HUMAN – As individuals we are also younger than somebody else, so no matter how high up we are, they’ll always be someone higher.

In the end, it all depends upon each individual to mould themselves using the free will that they’ve been given, to go out and earn that respect and equally to give it out respectively.

Respect is a two-way street called G&T (No, not the alcoholic drink).

Give and Take.

Reach Out!




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