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Blog 19 – How Celebrities Cause Injustice

English: Rapper Wiz Khalifa performing at the ...

Lately, I have had a major sense of discomfort when it comes to celebrities…Notably one in particular(but I’ll get to that in just a second, even though you’ve probably already guessed by the picture).

When I say ‘Celebrities’, I mean Singers/Rappers mainly.

Before I get into this, I don’t endorse criminal activity of any sort but nor am I targeting a specific use of drug as ‘bad’ or a specific person as being ‘bad’. It’s just a pessimistic view on things, like a lot of other things I write.

To get things started, certain musicians claim that they’ve committed so and so and are smoking illegal substances and what-not and even go on to post photos of themselves on social networks of them committing the crimes, getting hundreds and thousands of likes, shares, etc.

If I am correct, a lot of these celebs are deemed as ‘Role Models’ for many youngsters all around the world, influencing and impacting the daily lives of their fans with each die-hard fan striving each day to become more and more like their heroes.

English: A select nugglet of Purple Kush

So as far as I’m concerned, when e.g. Wiz Khalifa or someone posts a picture on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook smoking weed and whatever else they smoke, the crime itself creates a sense of association with the celeb themselves and makes the fans want to imitate them and to follow in their footsteps in order to be more ‘cool’. This makes the fan have an influence on those around him/her which almost certainly creates a domino effect, through peer pressure and other means and creates a MASSIVE chain of ever-growing, law breaking individuals all around the world. Thus making celebrities about a million times more guilty than any one individual. Yet, they never seem to be punished…

Just take a look at Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/mistercap

Kush (Dr. Dre song)

When an individual is caught out by the legal system…they are persecuted accordingly..So why don’t these celebs have to pay the price for their crimes, and the knock on effect it creates on a global basis?

Are they exempt? No, But it seems like it…

Is it because they can buy their way out?

That’s absolute bullshit. What kind of society do we live in?

I think the police need to pay a little closer attention to celebrities on social media and have them pay the price, the same as a normal citizen otherwise would…After all, they don’t have more rights than me, you or any other person walking this planet(freely).

They should be setting a better example since they are heavily focused on by the media and have huge followings.

I understand that not everyone follows exactly what their role model does and some celebs are actually punished, but you’d be surprised how many people lick and worship the ground that their role models walk on…

Anyone remember that Hashtag on Twitter “#CutForBieber”? Look how much impact these celebrities really have, It’s unreal! This kid had other kids and adults alike self-harming, What the Hell?


This isn’t restricted to any one celebrity by any means…What about those musicians that have declared that they have killed etc.

It should be treated the same as if someone went into a police station and confessed to committing such extreme crimes.

‘If they can do it, why can’t we?’

I don’t really give a shit what these people do in their own time, but I do care about this injustice that we as a human race are being served. The fact is, we’ll always be the second class citizen in terms of rights and we’ll swallow it all up because…eh, Who gives a crap?

This is indeed how celebrities cause injustice…



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4 thoughts on “Blog 19 – How Celebrities Cause Injustice”

  1. Gonna have to disagree with this one, specifically as it relates to marijuana. People standing up for what they believe to be the injustice, can’t itself be an injustice. The criminalization of a mild drug that has fewer negative side-effects than many legal substances, is considered by many to be wrong. Soda has more harmful side-effects than marijuana.

    Also smoking marijuana is not a crime everywhere, it is now legal in my state in the US, as well as one other. Wiz Kalifa sharing pictures of marijuana, is him sharing something that is a part of his life, it is therefore a cultural reflection. That may clash with your culture, but it is no injustice.

    There are plenty of other aspects of Hip-Hop to take aim at (degradation of women, violence, etc,)


    1. Although I agree with what u are saying… Indeed weed does have less death rates than tobacco/alcohol etc but just I just used it as an example. As stated in one of the paragraphs. . What one thing may be legal here, may be illegal elsewhere. I’ve tried keeping personal views out of this, and just presented a different view of the world. One of a pessimist and am glad that it indeed did get u commenting. Sure violence is worse etc, BUT as I said. I used weed as a mere example.


      1. Gotcha, I do agree about the influence that celebrity figures have and that they should be mindful of what they say and do. I was only taking aim at the example used.


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