Blog 20 – Where Technology will be in 20 Years

PS4 vs Xbox One compositeSo this week, Technology nerds must have exploded in more ways than one, what with E3 and WWDC and the introduction of next-gen gaming/smartphone technology.

So initially, I was going to do an Xbox One Vs Ps4 article. But I didn’t really think that it would be ideal for me to write because;

  1. I didn’t even follow or watch E3.
  2. I am not really fussed about what happened (Apart from “Groundbreaking technology” that may or may not have been introduced).
  3. I’m sure there are already a million articles on the inter-webs that already have been there, done that.

Then I thought, “Heck, I’m enthusiastic about the smartphone industry, let me write something about that and mock the hell outta Apple and how they are catching up with The Other Company”.ios7phones-610x471

But then I decided against it as I realised that it would’ve almost certainly been done too.

After some pondering, I had a brain wave… Almost an epiphany.

This years announcements didn’t particularly have me jumping off the edge of my seat…So it got me wondering what the future of tech has in store for us.

(That and the fact that Blog #14 – My Thoughts on Google Glass is my second highest viewed blog post of all time and therefore I should have another pop at a techy article).

So in 20 years time, I predict that there will be:

  • Smartphones that will have 48 hours+ of battery life
  • Smartphones that will continuously charge through solar panels built-in to them
  • iSpecs/iLense (To compete with Google Glass but in contact-lense format, possibly still at concept stages)
  • Games Consoles that will be as small as an iPad, yet as powerful as a Mac,where there is 4D gaming technology for a more ‘realistic’ gaming experience (3D plus scent)
  • The ceasing of the existence of desktop computers

Those are some of my wacky predictions for Tech in 20 years (I’ve tried to be as realistic as possible).

So there you go.

Drop a comment below to let me know what you think will be around in about 20 years time…

Or even better, what you think will not be around anymore.



10 thoughts on “Blog 20 – Where Technology will be in 20 Years”

  1. Some interesting points made.

    iSpec/iLense – I see this being made. Maybe not in the form of contacts but definitely specs to rival Google.

    Smartphones – If you’re referring to stock batteries, then yes, 48+ battery life would be awesome! There are 3rd party batteries out there at the moment that do that just fine, but why have to pay extra to have a basic feature on a premium phone these days?

    Game consoles – 4D would be amazing. However I wouldn’t enjoy a console as small as an iPad. I like my consoles to be visually appealing too 😛 And with the way they are going now with them, I really hope everything doesn’t become cloud based.

    Desktop Computers – What?! No mate, desktops will never cease to exist 😛 They are the best gaming machines out there and always will be. And yeah, they can do many other things too but nobody cares for that.

    I enjoy tech blogs, keep on blogging! 🙂


    1. Yes!
      With the iSpecs/iLense, I kinda agree…but imagine how many concepts the internet would be filled with! Possibilities would be endless!
      And yes was referring to stock batteries. Imagine if Samsung had a contract with Duracell?! My head would explode! :O !!!!!
      Game consoles will always be either handheld or plugged in, I think they’ll make them much thinner. Possibly with a touch interface… But yes. I love the physical game format(CD) and am not fond of cloud tech, but it is becoming increasingly popular day by day eh…
      Desktop computers!! Hahah I see the large move being made towards ‘mega-laptops’ for some reason …
      And sure! Getting quite a bit of views for techy blogs 😉 win-win situation for me lol! Will do,
      Thank you for the comment!!!


  2. Interesting thoughts , especially the Ispec and Iglass, I see a device that is on wrist similar to a watch in size and design but projects multiple virtual screens on any surface or even without backdrop,


    1. Thanks!!! Yeah, I definitely see Apple making a device to compete with Google Glass… And hmm I think the watch projector would be a really good idea, like a media player/storage/projector all in one… Hm thanks for the comment!


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