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Blog 22 – My Thoughts on Social Networking

This article has been chosen by readers (via the poll in this blog http://wp.me/p3jOHU-eU) to be written next. Well, sort of anyway 😉

social-networks-masthead.20120606230818We live in a world where people poke one another, write on each other’s walls, like every single thing they do, follow one another, repeat(retweet) what people say and even add them to circles. All virtually of course…otherwise that’d be a bit…weird, to say the least.

It would be so hard to explain the above sentence to someone who lived about a hundred years ago. They’d lock us in jail and throw away the key. (where we would also end up poking one another, writing on walls, somewhat following others, repeating what they say and also adding them to friend circles). That is what life on the internet has pretty much become in terms of communication.

But it’s not all bad you see.

It’s one step closer to socialising with a person than just the simple calling/messaging a person etc.

It gives you profiles which you can define specific to your personality, add your friends, and BAM! You’re good to go. No hanky-panky, no time wasti-.


I guess it is time-consuming.

In fact a lot of it can be considered as time-wasting too. Hmm. Ho-ho-hold the f*** up.

So let me get this straight. In order to be ‘socially active’, you have to be unsociable in real life. So to be sociable, you gotta be unsociable. Yeah

Urm…Sure, that makes sense.

Using social networking is good in a way. It saves time if used correctly, it isn’t the same as meeting someone face to face and sure as hell doesn’t beat it, but with everyone doing their own things and what with everybody’s hectic lifestyles, it serves up as a more than satisfactory alternative.

Some people complain about privacy, but the fact is, that you solely control how much information you are willing to give out about yourself, thus meaning that input=output as with anything else.



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6 thoughts on “Blog 22 – My Thoughts on Social Networking”

  1. You control how much privacy you have on social media. Anyone that complains about either doesn’t know how to manage their online presence or is stupid with doing so. Social media usage is definitely a strange phenomenon, it would have never made it 25 years ago in my opinion. Great post, very interesting to read.


    1. Absolutely! I agree with you fully on that, it’s how much you wish to put in that dictates your levels of privacy and yes, I think it has come about at the perfect time… Thank you for the comment!


  2. How much time do you invest into your blog? That is time spent being publicly unsocial. Social Media is a difficult monster to tame and develop. I gave up on the Twitter front. WordPress has been my most successful venture, and even that is mild.

    I’ve found quantity over quality is the way to achieve solid results in the blogverse. Unfortunately, I’m reversing the order.


    1. Urmm depends really. When I started out. I invested time heavily into it, when I had exams and other things, I put little time into it so it varies around my life…Woah…may I ask why you gave up on Twitter??.. Hmm interesting that you say quantity over quality is the way forward. Quite unorthodox to hear that about blogging. Thanks for the comment!


      1. It is just difficult to get followers unless you follow as many people, and it is just not worth the effort I felt.

        And yes, with blogs it seems people want a post a day. Regardless of what content you put forth, a post a day keeps the traffic incoming. If you post periodically people are less likely to keep regular tabs on the content you produce. Quantity over quality keeps the views up.


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