Why Bother?

Blog 25 – There, Their + They’re – Why Bother?


There, their and they’re


Do I actually have to cover this topic?

It’s basic human knowledge. Some would even call it common sense.

I mean. Come on. How hard can it be?

There = A person’s possession

Their = They are

They’re = Opposite of ‘here’

Oh and if you spot the mistakes above, you have no excuse for getting them mixed up ever again.

See? Problem solved.

But don’t worry, it’s not important…. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been taught it at such an early age.

Ah well.

Moving swiftly on…

Because HEY,

Why Bother?



Note: The past few days have seen this article become my most viewed article (by a mile). Find out what all the fuss is about. Go on.

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