Blog 28 – A Dramatic Little Red Riding Hood Story – Blogisodes

OK… So this is the first in the Blogisodes series… Don’t take it too seriously as It’s only a bit of creative writing… I don’t expect this to garner many likes… But if you do like a bit of fiction now and again… ENJOY!

English: Little Red Riding Hood, illustration ...

It was five in the morning, the Sun was still rising, there was a small sprinkle of rain and the birds were starting to wake. The traffic of London was returning to its usual hectic self and it seemed to be a normal Spring morning.

Although it seemed that the majority of locals were asleep, there was one street, not too far away from the city centre that was more alive than usual. The side street was filled with sirens of police cars and ambulances alike. Every member of the neighbourhood was out on their doorsteps looking on at the tragedy that had just transpired.

There had been a break-in… Armed police surrounded the property, urging the neighbours to remain indoors in which was just a useless attempt to make them feel safer.

Moments later, silence dawned upon the street, as multiple screams were heard from within and blood splatted on the bedroom window. Cries filled the street as well as one of the bystanders who dropped to her knees, passing out in the process. It was over, and the police couldn’t do anything about it.

Soon after… Out came a man with bloody axe in one hand and a red coat in the other, followed by his traumatised daughter who looked like she had witnessed the worst of what life had to offer all at such a young age.

“Half of it is upstairs, the other half is still in bed” Said the man, glancing over at his axe, while handing it over to a nearby officer.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was what really happened in the story of…

Little Red Riding Hood.



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