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Blog 30 – Evolution of The EssWhyDee Blog

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So… It all started as a mere idea.

I was on a gap year and I had a desire to express my views… In particular, I wanted to share a story.

The first hurdle for me, was choosing the right blogging platform for myself. Blogger seemed like the obvious option, but immediately I was put off… Same situation with Tumblr, but decided I wasn’t going to be a micro-blogger. Finally, I found WordPress, downloaded the Android app and stuck with it… And boy am I glad that I did.

So I finally typed up the story I had to tell. It was called My Bizarre Experience. I split it into two parts because initially, I wanted the very first readers of my blog to return a few days later. I had chosen a very bad, dark theme at the time and everything was all very… Urm… Amateur.

So after that, I started with the rants. and started conveying my opinions.

Within social media and in real life, people were telling me how they enjoyed what I wrote and were genuinely looking forward to more from my blog. So I began posting every Friday and even decided to start writing my suspense/thriller eBook The Kidnapping (which people also really liked at the time).

A Little bit later, I changed my theme to the current one, created some nice designs for the poorly named blog and soon after decided to create a Facebook fan page and a separate Twitter account specifically for my blog. Both the accounts had difficulties getting many followers/fans initially but now they’ve eventually caught on. The Twitter account has actually surpassed my personal account (which by the way, I’m still unsure how I feel about).

Soon after….I hit 2,000 views on here, which I was absolutely ecstatic about and was probably the turning point where I gained plenty of followers on WordPress itself. I started getting a good few likes on each post and made new buddies from the blogosphere.

I decided it was time to give something back, so I followed a bunch of new blogs, wrote a post indicating the future projects of this blog (which have finally come to fruition in the forms of the Why Bother? series and the Blogisodes series).

What’s that I hear you asking?

What has blogging done for me?

Blogging has basically changed the way I interact with people, possibly even how I think and much, much more.

From being “just an ordinary guy on a gap year” (as stated in the “About me” page) to this, right here. You know what, I’m sick of being ordinary. I ain’t gonna bullshit about how I’m going to change and whatnot but I will tell you that I will update my About me section because hey, I’m no longer that.

I’m now the author of The Kidnapping, I’m the chief executive writer at The EssWhyDee Blog and I’m Syd, the blogger.

When I started out, I was a proper introvert… But NOW… Now is a different story because, that’s right… You, my friend guessed it… I am STILL an Introvert (albeit to a lesser degree).

Anyway, that’s all for Blog 30, guys. I do follow the best blogs in the world (You know who you are, that’s right… I’m talking about you)

At this moment in time, I have 72 Blog followers, 2,777 views, 216 followers on the Twitter account and 47 likes on it’s Facebook page.

So, there we have it… The evolution of The EssWhyDee Blog.

Oh, and this show’s just gettin’ started.


Okay, that was really weird. I don’t usually finish off my posts like that but eh, I thought it sounded cool… (never again)



(Is my closing any good? I’m not a huge fan of the “Peace, Syd” closing, but it’s the best I could come up with and have sorta stuck with it)

My Bizarre Experience Part 1

My Bizarre Experience Part 2

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