Why Bother?

Blog 31 – Trying Waaay Too Hard – Why Bother?


Quick note: I will not be posting as much in the weekdays as I’ve started working. I knew you’d understand! Now, let’s crack on…

You know what annoys me a substantial amount?

We don’t want to know.

“Tell us more, Syd!”

Ok then, if you insist. Here goes…

This article goes out to all those heroes that need to chill the f*** out,

to that one person who sucks up really badly to the teacher,

to that fellow co-worker who is WAY too far up your manager’s posterior,

to that one person who tries way too hard to fit in,

to your “friend” that posts every little detail of their poxy life on Facebook (Twitter is exempt, It’s way cooler),

to those that take internet articles like this one too seriously,

to those people who try too damn hard to get attention (Says somebody who rants about things on the internet just to get a bunch of views. Pssht. Don’t judge me)…

And finally,

to those people who moan about things they don’t like. – Wait, what? (This is seriously starting to backfire).

I think y’all should just kick back and enjoy life once in a while…

Why don’t you just be yourself?

If no one likes you for your true character deep down…


Then you probably ARE a not-so-good person (But don’t let that get you down).

Trying waaay too hard…

Why Bother?



Also… Notice how I’ve de-cluttered and altered my sidebar? Like it?

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