Why Bother?

Blog 34 – Swearing in Pictures – Why Bother?

Quick note: The EssWhyDee Blog has reached 3,000 views! That’s 3K. 3 grand. That’s 10 x 300. That’s five times the population of… Oh never mind, I’m sure you get the picture. – Hold your applause, people. I know. I know.

Don’t you think this GIF is just awesome?!

I might get a lot of stick for this post… But whatever. This isn’t aimed at any particular person so just take it with a pinch of salt.

Swearing in pictures has always baffled me… People flip the camera off, actually posing with their middle finger raised.

It’s just so… Weird.

I genuinely cannot find a logical explanation behind this phenomena, so give me a sec while I get my shit together…

Maybe it’s a teenager thing or something? I don’t know.

I doubt you would catch a fully grown person committing this atrocious act on camera. Actually, I wouldn’t bet on it.

It might be immaturity or the fact that they are actually just really pissed off for some reason or another.

Are these people swearing at the person who is taking the picture or are they swearing at the people who are going to see the picture in the future? See, got you thinking now didn’t I? (The answer is yes)

Just want to put it out there.

Just like their middle fingers.

Why can’t you just pose (or not, rather) like everyone else?

Swearing on camera…

Why Bother?



4 thoughts on “Blog 34 – Swearing in Pictures – Why Bother?”

  1. as a teenager, i think people shoot the bird at the camera to say, “fuck it all.” i’ve never done it before, in fact when a friend flicked off in the picture, it was pretty much ruined.
    (showing my mom a picture of my friends….)
    me : “This is my friend Tony, mom. He is a—”
    mom : “Stop right there, Tony’s a punk. I don’t like Tony.”


    1. As a fellow teenager myself, I see it is very popular among us, me personally, I dislike it and don’t see the reasoning too! Hahaha that really happened?! Thanks for the comment!!


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