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Blog 35 – The Best Weapon in an Argument


Today, my friends… I will show you the light.

I shall show you how to defend yourself in an argument, how to be untouchable. You heard…


I can hear your heart beating faster. I’m glad I’ve got your attention. The answers to life shall be revealed in this very post. The space continuum shall collapse by the time you finish reading this article. Words that should never be uttered will be told and all hell shall break loose.

Psht, Why do you even read the shit I write? Anyway. Back to the subject…

In my lifetime, I’ve had a fair share of arguments and whatever and I’m sure you have too. Before, I used to go about it in different ways trying to justify my views to others because let’s face it… That is the key to any successful argument or debate.

You need to make this dispute rise far above all the other disagreements and suddenly this is the only thing looming on your shaken mind. But minutes after the heat of the moment has passed, you feel a sense of regret. A sense of shame. What have you just done? You jeopardized a great relation with a person, to what? A poxy argument? You should have screwed that son of a bitch when you had the chance.

But look no further my fellow humanoids, because I can assure you that you’ll be safe from now on. I offer you unlimited ammo from this fool-proof strategy. This fool-proof weapon, guaranteed to win you the majority of arguments. Are you ready for it, reader?

I call it….

The Chainsaw. Rev that bitch up and wave it around. 100% success rate (Batteries not included).

Okay, before you go and report me to the authorities, the real weapon I was on about consists of three words.

“In My Opinion…”

Whenever I use that in an argument, I never fall behind. Heck, I use IMO all the time! Because, why not? You just cannot argue with a person’s thinking, unless of course it is absolutely ludicrous.  But that’s another rant for another day.

Try it out next time though. Believe me, it works a treat… Although it may not have the same win to loss ratio as a chainsaw would have… You’ll be pretty content with the outcome. I’ve said this multiple times before and I’ll continue stressing the fact that your opinion is worth just as much as anything else spoken in this world.

Speaking of opinions… Whatever happened to the “My Thoughts on…” series? – Almost forgot about that!

But anyway, take it easy folks… Don’t take things I say too seriously okay.



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