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Blog 36 – Secondary Blog?

Orange Employee Multitasking While Operating Four Laptop Computers At Two Different Desks In An Office

Yesterday night, I made the decision to go ahead and delete Blog 36. I realised that it wasn’t the type of post I usually share and therefore would be robbing my regular readers of an entire article in place of a post full of GIF images… If you don’t know what I’m on about, don’t worry. I deleted soon after publishing so you might not have seen it.

Anyway, this gave me a thought… What if I created a secondary blog… One with a niche. I wonder how that would fare compared to this niche-less beast of a blog (barely). So I started thinking… How about technology? My 3 most viewed articles of all time are regarding technology

But then I had second thoughts…

Creative writing and fiction? urmm… Not sure. Wrestling? Don’t watch it regularly anymore. X-Men? It’d never last.

So now I start my quest to find a niche for a new secondary blog. I wouldn’t put in as much time and effort as this one, but it would be something different and attract different readers…

Anyone out there with multiple blogs? Holler!

Anyway, better get back to work. Accidentally logged into WordPress and accidentally wrote Blog 36.

See you as soon as I get some good ideas…



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