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Blog 37 – Going Back on my Word


The very first readers of The EssWhyDee Blog may or may not recall my first ever rant. It was titled “Blog 3 – Hash Tagging on Facebook” and pretty much laid down the foundation for future rants to come and similar articles. So you could say that it was the beginning of this legacy I have created (not).

It wasn’t massively popular as It was still early days for myself, blogging… But it did end up bringing in some valuable early views. Anyway… A while back, it was pointed out to me that Hash tagging now works on Facebook and so I had to make a decision. Delete, or amend.

I chose neither…

Fact is, I must admit… That particular post is now outdated and that anyone that would read it now wouldn’t really be able to relate to it. The moment’s passed, but it was good while it lasted.

I still wouldn’t hash tag on Facebook, unless it’s to promote this blog on my Fb page.

But yeah, I thought I’d just let you guys know. I am not a huge fan of doing it, but will probably get used to the idea.

So there we go,

Internet – 1

Syd – 0

Well done Internet… You won this time.




8 thoughts on “Blog 37 – Going Back on my Word”

  1. I personally hash tag things on my FB if it’s about a favorite show or movie to show my friends(if they are interested they can click on the hash tag to get more info on show or movie) or to hype up said show or movie I read somewhere that it let’s the network people know your into a show and may help avoid it being caned if enough buzz is made.


    1. Exactly so, It makes sense, unless your privacy settings are really high. It’s fine now, but previously it didn’t work and so hashtagging was merely for the visual appeal than the functionality on Facebook.


      1. My privacy settings are high however I read that every time a hash-tag for a show or movie is used the network people know it was used even if they can’t read the other part of your post. It still counts in their numbers somewhat.


      2. I just have FB. I don’t see the personal point of me have FB and Twiter. Most of my stuff that can’t for whatever reason go on my FB goes on my blog.


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