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Blog 38 – Secondary Blog Update: Introducing “EssWhyTech”


Just a quick update…

So you know how I was thinking of making a secondary blog? Surely you must have read Blog 36 – Secondary Blog?

I was thinking of a particular niche to write about. Apparently 40% of all blogs in 2011 were technology based (still finding the site where I read that). But anyway, I bit the fruit (No, not the forbidden fruit. Just the fruit).

If any of my followers are into technology, particularly smartphones… Check out my secondary blog, which is called EssWhyTech

The URL is: http://techsyd.wordpress.com

So for all those that are interested in technology, smartphones, apps, rumours, reviews and what-not. Give it a follow!

Yeah, so I know quite a bit about mobile devices, not so much other things… So I’ll focus on that… Are you sold?

Meh, just pay it a visit and let me know what you think!

Plus… I heard the author is pretty darn good 😉



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