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A Quick Overview


Over the past day or two, I have hyped up that I have a few good posts coming up on this blog. I do have the ideas written down, but nothing has been put on WordPress as of yet… I’m holding fire to space out my posts a bit more. Do expect some half decent, well thought out articles in this week and the next.

Not to say that they’ll be the best articles to come from my strange mind… But It’ll be good for a final push to get me about 5 more followers (you’ll soon see why).

Shit… I hope I haven’t upped your expectations too much. Oh, Urm….

Anyway… You are most probably aware by now that I have started up a Technology blog… You can click the page tab called “EssWhyTech” to reach it. But that’s not why I mentioned it…

I mentioned it because I have realised that niche Vs. no niche is a no contest. I have had quite a few followers on that blog and quite a bit of views so far compared to this blog when it started out (EssWhyTech has only been live about 3 days-ish). I’m updating both, making fine improvements for the ease of access and usability on both sites.

That one gets an article daily or so and this one about twice a week.

So buckle up folks.

We goin’ places. (Not)




  • NEW My Bizarre Experience story coming soon!!!
  • Chapter 5 of The Kidnapping coming soon!!!

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