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Blog 42 – My Gap Year…

100 follows edit2

Got some good news people… (YES, I can be positive sometimes, okay)

The EssWhyDee Blog has reached 100 Followers on WordPress!!

That, and I have been accepted into University! It’s a great step for me to take… What a gap year it has been so far, I’ve accomplished almost EVERYTHING that I had wanted to do this year and it certainly has been eventful. I’ve been out of the country twice, I’ve had paid jobs on 3 different occasions and have had some great experiences.

For all those that didn’t make it on results day, don’t fret. You can do so much with your lives before going back into education.

By far, the best thing that has come out of my gap year has to be my blogs. Both of ’em… Including my suspense/thriller eBook “The Kidnapping”.

So here’s a thank you to all the followers, to the regular readers and the e-mail subscribers.

I appreciate every single Like, Retweet, +1 and share that I receive.

I don’t usually write these serious posts and don’t know what will happen with these blogs after the 26th September of this year… But I can sure as hell say that I haven’t regretted a single moment of it… Sure, I may be a year behind my age group going into Uni, but I took it slow and am doing it MY way.

To all those that got their results back, I hope you got what you required.

To those that are a lot older/younger and can’t relate to this. Thanks for taking the time out to read this!



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