Why Bother?

Blog 43 – Speaking Normally – Why Bother?


What the actual fuck goes on here?

Certain people have this habit. The habit of whispering instead of talking.

Whaaat? Why would you even do such a thing?

As it is, We’re in a noisy environment. These people then decide to go on and actually WHISPER (or near about) as a means of communication.

As if I haven’t had a tiring day and want to just kick back. Now I have to put in all that extra brain-power to solely focus on the bullshit coming outta their collective mouths.

If you have a secret to tell, then fair enough… You know, by all means you go ahead and whisper like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll be sure to listen in.

But when there’s not an ounce of sense being spoken, I refuse to be the subject of your brainless whispering.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m not expecting you to talk loudly, or even shout. for that matter. Calm your tits. I’m just expecting an average conversation where I don’t have to ask what you just said multiple times.


Just because YOU can’t be asked to get your voice-box in gear, doesn’t mean you have to inflict all this pain upon MY ears, making them work tremendously hard.

Just don’t whisper mid-conversation. Please. Otherwise I end up like:


Oh and if you think, that by exaggerating your lip and tongue movements, it will compensate for that garbage… Then think again.

Because that shit is EVEN more annoying.

Trust me.

What I feel like doing to the whisperers

Whispering mid-conversation is just absurd.

Speaking normally…

Why Bother?



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