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Blog 44 – Saying Bye Multiple Times


Just a quick post folks…

For the regular readers of The EssWhyDee Blog, you obviously know that I NEVER rant about anything, so here’s something new.


It doesn’t really ‘annoy’ me as such, but is something that occurs waaaay more than what is considered a healthy amount…

When people say bye waaay too many times.

“Seeya, Bye, ok, take care, Goodnight, buhbye, bye”.

I reckon that we should keep it to one final goodbye and one well-wisher to keep things simple. You know, like a “Bye, take care” should be sufficient.

But even on phone conversations with the typical “No, you hang up” is a little bit silly if you ask me… Just shut the fuck up and hang up!

It’s just something that happens very regularly around us and it’s usually subconscious so I’m not knocking anyone that happens to do this.

Heck, I probably do it myself but I thought I might as well add this to my list of rants.

From now on I’ll try my best to keep my goodbyes limited.

Anyway  I have to go now,




Take care.





7 thoughts on “Blog 44 – Saying Bye Multiple Times”

  1. lol, this is a phenomenon I haven’t encountered before. At worst it’s two goodbyes, “See ya”, “bye!” “bye.” Who *actually* does the whole “No, you hang up!” I have never heard of that really happening outside of cheesy 80s movies


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