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Blog 50 – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – Interpreted


I’ve tuned down the humour for this article. It’s genuinely something to ponder about.

“What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger” is a phrase that has always been rather popular with the unwashed masses. Heck, It’s a pretty darn good saying an’ all, don’t-cha think? …. Don’t-chaaa?

Commonly used to raise one’s spirit, usually a lie told to yourself to make you feel like you are stronger than you actually are.

Is there anything wrong with that? Of course not… We all need to tell ourselves a little white lie once in a while so we feel comfortably satisfied with what has just happened or to help us come to terms with such and such.

But then you can also apply this phrase in a more literal manner.

For instance, there was a woman who was sitting opposite me the other day, who drank a whole 1.5L bottle of Lucozade in a minute or two. Is that even possible? If that doesn’t defy the laws of physics, then I don’t know what does.That is where I found inspiration to write this article. You go ahead and chug down that Lucozade, woman… Because what doesn’t kill  you, makes you stronger… Unless of course it gave her pancreas a hard time that night, in which case… NO, it did not make her stronger at all.

You see, Interpreted is a series that will tackle all of these useless clichés that seem to be all innocent at first, but when looked at from a rational perspective, are utter bullshit.

Another example before I go… Someone is hurt physically… In fact, quite lethally. Surely what ever didn’t kill them, made them weaker? Right?

Think about it.

I understand the metaphorical use of this phrase. But does it reaaaaally make sense?

Perhaps we aren’t as strong as we may like to think…



Note: I’ve got a pretty solid idea for a Why Bother? article to be published on Xmas day. I don’t celebrate it but will be a good end to the year I think.

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5 thoughts on “Blog 50 – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – Interpreted”

  1. Actually, that sentence can be true and is the reason I found your blog. I noticed you replied to a blog by my ex girlfriend where she painted me as this truly awful person, and while I don’t know you, I thought you should at least know the whole story. People are always too quick to take the woman’s side in these situations because some men are arseholes. Trust me, that relationship made me a stronger. Here is my blog post I made at the time, back when my anger was fresh. Now, I just see her as a joke and laugh so much at her view point.


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