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Blog 52 – Update on The Kidnapping


It’s me again.

Don’t spill your drinks, It’s only a flying visit.

Not the usual article from myself, however.

Here’s what’s up.

I’m confused at what to do with The Kidnapping…

For my newer readers, no I am not plotting a kidnapping, nor do I intend to be kidnapped in the foreseeable future (Or ever, for that matter)…

I am talking about my suspense thriller eBook that I have started writing. I have written four chapters so far and have published all of them on this blog.

Yeah, good luck trying to find them.

Just kidding, have a read.

Find Chapters 1-4 HERE

Ok… So I am reaaaaally tied up with Uni work and will no way finish it so soon. It’s only supposed to be a small novel type thing, so I have a few options.

1) Write it up in full & then publish on Amazon, etc. (By the end of 2014, perhaps?)

2) Give y’all Chapter 5 of The Kidnapping on The EssWhyDee Blog & write the rest up & publish when ready.

3) Publish all chapters on this blog?

4) Keep it a work in progress, and just leave it where it is until further inspiration.

No humour in this post, folks.

Genuinely need some advice.

Can I get a few votes in please?



Note: Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how to write. Just a bit busy! – Regular blogging shall commence soon!

8 thoughts on “Blog 52 – Update on The Kidnapping”

  1. Yay. I was just thinking about how I missed your blog yesterday. I wanted to tell you but i didn’t want to come off as a creepy stalker. I would really love to read your story


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