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Blog 53 – Why the New Year is like Facebook…

2014 fb syd

First of all, what did y’all think of the “Xmas 2013 special” on my blog?


What do you mean you haven’t read it?

Ah, well there wasn’t an Xmas special you see. That’s probably why…

I know I spoke highly of me preparing for it and what-not, but it didn’t get published, my laptop had a hissy-fit and I was incredibly busy being lazy!

Also, the fact that I hadn’t written it out meant I couldn’t publish it. My bad.

But anyway. The Laptop’s back up and running as it should be, which means I’m back to my good ol’ writing self.

I’ve taken so many gaps in between publishing articles that I should make trailers each week indicating my “return”. That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it???

Yes is the answer.

A bit o’ CGI, some bad-ass BGM, some fireworks and a really good narrative. Preferably by one of those people who narrate through trailers of upcoming movies.

Hmmm… Not a half-bad idea actually, I’ll put that on my imaginary “2014 To-do List”.

On to this Xmas special. It was going to be a Why Bother? article and I had sort of integrated a festive feel to it. See, I’ve written it down in my head somewhere… I just need to transfer it down onto a computer and publish. I’ll probably take the festive bit out and publish that in the near future. Deal Or No Deal? – (They need to change that game show around a bit, honestly. Talk about being repetitive. Talk about being repetitive. Talk about bei-… Oh, you get the picture).


This is my final article of 2013.

The year I was inspired to write.

The year that went by waaaay too quickly.

Generally speaking, I’m not one to make resolutions or false promises… (*Cough* Why Bother? Xmas special *Cough*)

But before I forget Let’s get  to the title of this article.

The new year is like Facebook… Just when you get used to the idea of it being what it is… It changes. For me, it’s inevitable that I’ll put “2013” on pieces of written work instead of “2014” a good few times before my brain registers that I need to go back and correct it. (Interesting to see if that’ll happen now, since I’ve mentioned it)

But here’s to 2014…

Same shit, different year.

On a more positive note, Happy New Year to all my readers!



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