Why Bother?

Blog 55 – Extra Bright Selfies – Why Bother?


2013 was undoubtedly the year of the selfie.

Don’t worry, I haven’t got an issue with that.

But what creeps me out is the extra-bright selfie.

You know… the light intensive photos.

This is basically when a person turns their phone around to take a photo with the rear-facing camera and leave the flash switched on.


Why would you do such a thing?

Why would you commit such a preposterous act?

Answer me, dammit.

Okay, I guess It’s fine to do so if the natural lighting is poor and whatever… but otherwise, It doesn’t look good. In fact, it’s facepalm-worthy.

Oh and if that isn’t bad enough… You see them slowly edging their way into becoming profile pictures of people on your social networks.


(Notice the enthusiasm)

People ACTUALLY believe they look good without their nose and only half of their face showing? Are you telling me this is what has become of the human race?


Come on people, we are better than this.

Oh, and if you have taken one of these before…

Just stop.

You look like fuckin’ Voldemort.



Note: This wasn’t the festive one!

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