'My Thoughts' on Certain Topics

Blog 59 – My Thoughts on The Facebook Poke


First of all, let me enlighten you to the fact that I’ve only ever used this function like once or twice… all of which were poke-backs.

Also, it has been a loooong time since I’ve written an article in the “My Thoughts On” series. But anyway… on to the Poking!

NEVER have I encountered such a useless function on any social networking website.

I mean, what the hell does it even do? Is it supposed to emulate a real-life poke? Because believe you me, it doesn’t resemble that in the slightest.

The Facebook Poke is oh-so pointless.

It is like a book on how to read,

a waterproof towel,

perhaps even like powdered water.

Basically, it is useless.

Wait, one more.

It is like the Appendix.

That’s it!

The Facebook Poke is the Appendix of the website!

Do people even Poke each other anymore?

To me, it feels like an outdated and cheaper version of the MSN “Nudge”

Maybe it’s time to retire this ol’ punk eh?

Go on Facebook.

Put the Poke to Bed.



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