Why Bother?

Article 64 – Chain Letters – Why Bother?

Does this guy remind anyone else of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones?

Oh I love writing articles in this category. Why Bother? has produced some of my personal favourite posts and are a joy to write.

I haven’t written one in a while but let’s see where this goes…

Let’s get serious with this alright, it’s a serious problem.

I always wondered how the whole concept of chain letters started.

A pathetic way to get somewhat naive and perhaps gullible people into falling for this despicable act of passing on a message to avoid something ridiculous happening to themselves or even worse, to make something good happen.

It’s not even funny anymore (I don’t believe it ever was).

I’ve read some silly shit in my time but chain letters absolutely top the list.

It can ruin the most credible and heart warming piece of text with the preposterous suffix of telling the recipient to pass it on or so-and-so will happen.

Shit like:

“Pass this message on or you’ll wake up tomorrow with an extra ear, bald, claws as hands and with antlers growing out of your skull.”


“Pass this message on and your crush will fall in love with you tomorrow and also give you a kiss.”

Fucks sake people, don’t pass these messages on.

Nothing will happen.

I can assure you of this.

The human race is more intelligent than to believe what is written down without weighing out the logic first.

But anyway I felt I had to write this article to give my viewpoint on this preposterous method of conveying a message.

Chain letters….

Why Bother?

Share this article now and you will be 20x more attractive and will be able to move things with the power of your mind. If you don’t, you’ll most certainly end up in hell for eternity. Believe me it works.

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