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Article 65 – Women or A Woman?


Well. Well. Well.

What do we have here eh?

I knew this topic would crop up one day or another, but do not worry. This article isn’t what it sounds like (yet).

Trust me… 😉

Let us step inside the Tardis for just one moment and travel back in time to this time last year…

The point in my life where grammatical errors used to annoy the living day lights outta me. Now, not so much.

But there is something I have found on the internet, mainly on social networks, something that annoys me dearly. A grammatical error that people are repeatedly making.

(Yes, another grammar post. Scan this article all you like for my own grammatical errors, I really don’t care).

You know why I don’t care?

Because mistakes happen, no one is immune to them.

Anyway, I see a lot of people repeatedly mixing up the word ‘Woman’ with the word ‘Women’.

If you don’t know the difference, here is some assistance.

If it is singular, you call her a woman.


If it is plural, you call them women.










Simple really.

One woman, two women.

Trust me, this can save a life or two 😉

Yes I absolutely HAD to write this.

Not only because it bugged me, but people look better when they don’t make silly mistakes.



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