Article 67 – Giving 110% – Interpreted


There has always been this debate between physicists, mathematicians, philosophers and wizards on the expression “giving 110%” and whether it is possible.

Here, I will very briefly explain what it means and whether it is actually possible to give 110 %.

Giving 110% of presumably effort at something is what the expression is usually referred to in everyday conversation.

Sometimes it can be used in a numerical context too.

For instance, If somebody gave me £1 and I had to repay them 110% of what they lent me. I would pay them back £1.10.

So in this scenario, 110% is incredibly valid.

However, if a battery is at 100% capacity there is no room for that extra 10%, so even though numbers are involved, it is cancelled out here.

Also, when it comes to effort… Can you physically give 110% at something? Even if you try to excel that supposed extra 10%, aren’t you already capable of that extra 10% initially? So in reality, you can only have an output of what you physically have in you.

In theory, this means that you can only ever give 100% at something and usually you may give 90%, so that extra 10% feels like it’s over capacity when it’s not. (In terms of effort)

I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts on this. I may or may not be correct, but there you go.




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