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Article 69 – An unusual UK General Election 2015 article

Photo Credit: The Independent
Photo Credit: The Independent

Yes, yes, yes. I know what you’re going to think. “what the hell? I remember this site from a long, long time ago, I forgot all about the wondrous writings and musings of such an incredibly inspiring and brilliant author.”

Okay, enough blowing my own trumpet.

I don’t write much during term times, and the fact that I have a few days to write up an assignment of which I have only written my name, (you dream of this life, I’m sure of it) I thought this would get my creative juices flowing once again. Win-win situation. Boom.

Anyway, I know a lot of my regular readers won’t find this article applicable due to residing in various other parts of the world, but bear (roar) with me on this one…

It is not largely uncommon in Britain, and perhaps in a lot of other parts of the world too, to moan and bicker of how the country in question is being poorly run and for there to be constant bashing of the big G(overnment).

Throughout my life (I want to say ‘lives’ to one up on you, but I have to keep it real here), I have noticed that Brits in particular, overly blame EVERYTHING on the government, regardless of who leads. Oh wait, no. First we blame everything on the Illuminati, and if that fails, then we blame the government. Because that’s us, yo!

Anyway, to the point. A lot of people feel that their one vote doesn’t make a difference and so prefer not to go out and vote…

You know what, you’re RIGHT, you’re measly, poxy, mere single vote most likely will not decide the inevitable disastrous demise that awaits this country.

Here in the UK, we don’t directly vote for the leaders of the parties, rather locally for representatives. Think of it like a game. You vote, you have the right to vote, you can win or lose, so why the hell wouldn’t you? Sounds like so much fun doesn’t it? Politics!

It doesn’t really cost you much as an individual, maybe some of your time and some petrol at the most. (Not to pour upon yourself in a state of madness. This isn’t the movies, people).

Anyway, for those of you that won’t vote and are adamant about it… that’s fine, don’t.

Just know that your vote is your right to complain. That’s right, the characteristic of which, we, English folk like to cherish oh so much. So there we go. For the next five years, it is your ticket to unlimited ammo in political talk exchanges and for you, yes YOU, to gossip freely and FEEL EPIC (Not sponsored by money supermarket) about being able to thrash everything supposedly wrong with this wretched country.

This isn’t to persuade anyone to register to vote, because I’m about a week late for that. If you are registered, then don’t be an arrogant prick. Just go and put an ‘X’ or so wherever you see fit (preferably in the designated spaces allocated on the Ballot paper). Have a quick flick through a couple of manifestos. See whatever sounds like the lesser of the evils… and there you go, you can freely complain and bicker until next time.

‘Cause that’s what we do….!




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