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How many brands can you identify? Please take my survey below


Spare a minute to take the survey below. I am researching prosody in advertising, which is “the patterning of sound” (Cook, 1992, p. 120). I am specifically looking at jingles and music in television advertising.

By clicking below you agree for your results to be used in my dissertation research study. Please note, you have the right to withdraw at any moment during this survey and your selections will only be submitted upon clicking the ‘finish survey’ button, located at the end of the set of questions. NO other data will be collected such as names, age, etc and so will be anonymous when I collect the data after my quota has been reached.

It is multiple choice and you have as long as you wish to complete the survey. When you click the ‘play’ button, a sound clip will begin to play and all you have to do is associate it with its respective brand. There is also a ‘I don’t know’ option, and I strongly urge you not to just guess the answer as I need these to be as accurate as possible.

Thanks in advance, the results will be posted shortly so do check back.

The survey link is below…

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