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Article 71 – The End of The EssWhyDee Blog

Writing this at 9,101 views.

This blog has seen many faces, heard many voices, has read many minds, smelt a plethora of fragrances (and odours), but it is time to move on and leave all of these ramblings behind.

I will be writing again, very soon. Come, July, all hell will break loose.

I had put a lot of time and dedication into this site, and to be honest, it is very difficult for me to just say it is the end, especially as I wanted to hit 100 articles. We are on #71.

Many articles are now outdated, and in hindsight, I probably do not agree with what my younger self has written and now want to change the direction of my ramblings.

Looking back, there is much that annoys me about my own content, and thus don’t stand by what has been written, and the style it was written in – ultimately, being self-righteous, and somewhat holier-than-thou.

I either want to start afresh, or utilise my existing readership, and push a new range of articles. I don’t call myself a ‘blogger’ anymore and won’t be pushing it onto my personal following, as often.

This will mean entirely re-branding my content, which is all-so-exciting… A (hopefully) more intricate writing style and a (not-so) wiser author behind it all. There are a number of things, such as the e-book I started which I will be working on over the course of 2017, and some other new projects.

Some series may continue on to the next chapter…(by vote only)

So strap yourselves in, things will be looking, feeling, smelling, and sounding a lot different around here soon.

This is the end of the EssWhyDee Blog, but is the beginning of a new platform to share my thoughts…

Now, to come up with a name, and some good content ideas for y’all. I won’t publish this until I know what I am going towards…

What? What do you mean you are reading this already?

Aah, crap.

Looking forward,


See you in July ’17. Right here, but with a new name, and all that good stuff.

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