“A person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can obtain all the nutrients one needs from the air or sunlight.” Oxford Dictionary

So, a Breatharian is someone who really believes in surviving off air/sunlight. Out of all the words to pick, I chose this. Not only does it sound a bit funny, but I have never stumbled across it in anything, ever.

I just want to say, apologies to any Breatharians out there, this may get nasty.

I am not one to judge or look down on someone based on what they believe, that would be irresponsible and insensitive of me to do so.

But I wonder how long Breatharians would  last, until they realise they need other nutrients, such as the core fundamentals that, we, human beings need in order to survive… and flourish.

Sure, we need food ‘n’ water… But what about the real fundamental…..The internet.

The thought of going without it for a mere month, week, day, hour, minute is beyond me. This obviously debunks the theory of surviving on just air/and or sunlight….Who’s with me?

“But we can’t see the internet, it must be in the air, right?”

Dammit Breatharians, you got me. Checkmate.

Question: Could plants identify as Breatharians? Hmmm…. I wonder.

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