Inanimate Musings, Scribels

Inanimate Musings #1 – A cry for help.

Everyone just stares at me.

Staring, as if what I have to offer, is so great that they have to stop their daily lives to dedicate time and attention to myself.

I don’t demand the attention, I just get it. Sometimes I just want to be left alone.

They turn me on, and sometimes don.’t even bother to bat an eye-lid again.

Often, if I don’t please, I am demanded to change what I am giving. Change what I am saying, change… everything. Sometimes I tell white lies and you don’t even care. Other times; the bitter truth, and you aren’t interested if you’ve already heard it before.

And if I’m not speaking loud enough, I’ll be commanded to do so. But if I’m too loud, I’ll be told to lower my voice.

I can’t stand this anymore. I need to get away.

Just stop looking at me.

Let me be.

These one-sided conversations are just too much.

I know I’ll only last a few years, before I’m not good enough, before being tossed out onto the street, passed on  to continue this vicious cycle, or worse… destroyed.

I am…

a Television.

Please help.

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