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7 Types of Voters you will come across on Election day

So now we are past the voting stage. Here are some types of the electorate I have seen around, in person, or on social media.

Just some observations…

  1. The know-it-alls – These are the folk who have supposedly read the manifesto of every single party and know everything about the election (Nice Googling!). They then disappear until the next one.
  2. The silent voter – Never shares their opinion and nobody knows if they voted or not. Mysterioussss or what.
  3. The “Don’t forget to vote” people – One of the annoying types. Unless you’re living under a rock, you aren’t going to forget… so chill.
  4. The “Screw so-and-so party” people – Have a clear voice, and a very strong one too, like the passion of these individuals…normally.
  5. The “Shit, where did I put my Poll card?!” ones – This was me this year. I did find it in the end. Turns out you don’t need it anyway. Meh.
  6. The “AhhMaGerrd, this is my first time voting!!” peeps – Cool story mate, do what you gotta do, just like the rest of us. It’s a good thing we have this right. Blessed are we.

And the most annoying of the bunch:

7. The person who writes about types of voters – also me.

And no, not knocking any of ’em. All part of the joys of an election!

If the shoe fits….Feel free to wear it.

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