Inanimate Musings

Inanimate Musings #2 – I am despised…but I don’t care, for you are weak without me.

I am set, I am told to scream… and I do it with pleasure.

I get whacked, sworn at, and I’m most certainly not your best friend when the time comes.

Yet you rely on me, because I’m always there, reliable… yet at times; despised.

And oh, boy can I scream. Louder than you could imagine.

I don’t care though. You will always need me, for you humans are weak without me. I am overlooked. But it is okay.

I get my cheap thrills by disturbing your peace. I’ll take the smacks. I enjoy disrupting the silence… Every single day.

Even if I am not next to you while you sleep, I’m there in spirit. You dread me.

At the end of the day, I’m the one in charge.

I am…

An alarm clock.

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