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Writing dies out… only if reading does first.

In a totally media-intensive world, words that are typed are merely secondary to images and videos that they accompany.

We may always need them but there is a reason why YouTube and Instagram are as popular as they are. Reddit is perhaps the lone survivor of the text world, and even then; it has gone rogue.

We are to blame for this. Myself included. If only I read enough. Words do still have their place in the world, perhaps just not so much in the viral world of the internet. ‘Cus who REALLY gives a shit eh?

I understand that many people write for themselves. I happen to be one of these people. There is the smallest bit of hope that someone will be entertained, but at the end of the day… the quieter in here, the better.

Gone are the days where I would hope this would be shared and looked at in awe. This is done more to exercise the art form of writing…..

and to keep that sum’bitch breathing.


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