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My Pet Peeve

I've never really liked the phrase 'pet peeve', but it is what it is. You know what I really just can't stand? Microwaves. Hear me out. (That's right, a bit of a personal article for a change, but don't get too comfy). I know they're an amazing piece of kit, and whether or not they… Continue reading My Pet Peeve

Scribel 'n' Ponder

7 Types of Voters you will come across on Election day

So now we are past the voting stage. Here are some types of the electorate I have seen around, in person, or on social media. Just some observations... The know-it-alls - These are the folk who have supposedly read the manifesto of every single party and know everything about the election (Nice Googling!). They then disappear… Continue reading 7 Types of Voters you will come across on Election day

Scribel 'n' Ponder

The Endless Electoral Cycle

So there is a General Election (GE) approaching very quickly, here in the UK. It's not a matter of immediate change. Let's be honest, nothing will change your day-to-day routine from the second that a party is elected, or at least I hope not. But eventually... changes will come, even if they are minuscule. For… Continue reading The Endless Electoral Cycle