Article 70 – The Barber Chronicles

Here's a little true story for you. So a few months back, I visited the barbers. A pretty normal thing to do. There was an immensely long queue of people before me and so was there for a good couple of hours, pretty normal once again. The fact that I didn't even need my hair… Continue reading Article 70 – The Barber Chronicles


Blog 28 – A Dramatic Little Red Riding Hood Story – Blogisodes

OK... So this is the first in the Blogisodes series... Don't take it too seriously as It's only a bit of creative writing... I don't expect this to garner many likes... But if you do like a bit of fiction now and again... ENJOY! It was five in the morning, the Sun was still rising, there was… Continue reading Blog 28 – A Dramatic Little Red Riding Hood Story – Blogisodes

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Upcoming Projects on The EssWhyDee Blog

I have decided to start a new series of blog posts (along with everything else) that basically consists of things that bother me, in a fun, bite-size format that you can spend a minute or two reading and hopefully have a little chuckle at...The series will be called "Why Bother?" Creative writing has always been… Continue reading Upcoming Projects on The EssWhyDee Blog