Article 67 – Giving 110% – Interpreted

There has always been this debate between physicists, mathematicians, philosophers and wizards on the expression "giving 110%" and whether it is possible.Here, I will very briefly explain what it means and whether it is actually possible to give 110 %.Giving 110% of presumably effort at something is what the expression is usually referred to in… Continue reading Article 67 – Giving 110% – Interpreted

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Blog 50 – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – Interpreted

I've tuned down the humour for this article. It's genuinely something to ponder about. "What doesn't kill you, make you stronger" is a phrase that has always been rather popular with the unwashed masses. Heck, It's a pretty darn good saying an' all, don't-cha think? .... Don't-chaaa? Commonly used to raise one's spirit, usually a lie… Continue reading Blog 50 – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – Interpreted


Blog 46 – It’ll be okay – Interpreted

"Interpreted" is the name of my brand new project on The EssWhyDee Blog. Well, I say project... I mean series... Note: This is just a test to see how the article goes down with my readers. I'm relying on that Thumbs up/down gauge to the top left of this post for you to tell me whether or… Continue reading Blog 46 – It’ll be okay – Interpreted